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ETAHP Board member 2023-2027

Brigitte Ursini is one of the few nurses of the first generation of advanced practice nurses in France, currently working in the renal transplant department of the CHU de Lyon.

She has worked for more than twelve years as a nurse in an adult kidney transplant department and she is committed to developing paramedical practices to provide patients with optimal care. This desire to improve the journey of transplant patients prompted her to seize the opportunity to broaden her skills by integrating advanced practice nursing training in 2019, as soon as it was deployed in France.

This new job that she has been practicing for a year allows her to intervene in a transversal way and to gain a better and more global vision of the journey of a transplant patient. Her role as local coordinator of the therapeutic education programme allows her experimenting new kind of partnerships with transplanted patients, as well as developing patients empowerment and engagement.