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NEW HORIZON 2023 – Endorsed by ESOT

Primary Topics:
organ transplantation, clinical research
Start Date:
Friday, March 10th 2023
End Date:
Saturday, July 15th 2023
Description & Objectives:

NEW HORIZON 2023 – China advanced academic program for organ transplantation and cutting-edge research

The NEW HORIZON curriculum aims at enhancing the academic exchange between the Chinese and the international professionals, focusing on the cutting-edge topics in the field of organ transplantation and clinical research. 35 international events have been organised under the 2020-2022 curriculum with the professional inputs from 100+ international and 250+ local faculties. The evidence-base courses sessions, designed by the advisory board and the Centre for Evidence in Transplantation, Oxford University, empowered the academic skill of the participants for transplant research.


Learning objectives:

  • Build the bridge for knowledge exchange among Chinese teams and international groups of excellence.
  • Active transplant team’s innovation, inspiration and implementation
  • Win-win and learn from the best to tackle the critical issue on the timely manner and to seek for best clinical practice
  • Promote team work spirit and to work together for a shared future to save lives


Academic Advisory Boards:

The Chinese Society of Organ Transplantation, Chinese Medical Association

The European Society for Organ Transplantation


Visit their website for more information.