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Our face-to-face courses include foundational courses and masterclasses.

  • Foundational courses are designed to provide young professionals with the key knowledge and skills they need to boost their career.
  • Masterclasses are advanced courses, usually with a strong hands-on component, designed for transplant professionals who wish to develop their knowledge and career even further.

Support for participation in all courses is available through the ESOT Grants programme.

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Foundational courses


Hesperis is a comprehensive course on organ transplantation, perfectly suited for individuals who are entering the field and who wish to further their career. The course provides participants with essential knowledge in five key areas of transplantation: immunology, indications, organ donation, recipient management and regenerative medicine. The European Board of Transplant Medicine of the Division of Transplantation of the UEMS recommends Hesperis as preparatory course for the Exam on Transplant Medicine. Hesperis is held both in person and in a variety of online formats. 

The next edition of the Hesperis course will take place from 20 to 22 April 2023 in Budapest, Hungary.

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BCLT - Basic Course in Liver Transplantation (ELITA)

Aimed at young professionals specialising in clinical liver transplantation, the Basic Course in Liver Transplantation provides participants with the opportunity to discuss new and current topics in liver transplantation with established and internationally recognised leaders in the field. The course covers all aspects of liver transplantation, including indications and recipient evaluation, liver procurement and perfusion, hepatectomy and implantation, and peri- and post-operative management.

HLTP - The Hepatologist in a Liver Transplant Program (ELITA)

The Hepatologist in a Liver Transplant Program (HLTP) is a course on liver transplantation aimed at young hepatologists and trainees who wish to advance their knowledge on the main issues and multidisciplinary approaches in liver transplantation. Organised by ELITA and AISF (the Italian Association for the Study of the Liver) and considered a preparatory course for the European Diploma in Transplant Medicine (UEMS – EBTM) Exam, HLTP helps participants develop the clinical skills necessary to adequately refer potential liver transplant candidates and to diagnose and correctly manage post-transplant complications.


LiDO - Live DOnor Nephrectomy masterclass

LiDO is a world-renown and well-established masterclass on live donor nephrectomy designed according to education-on-demand principles. Participants are mentored by internationally recognised leaders in the field in a state-of-the-art Skills Lab facility within a leading European transplant unit. This masterclass also provides short interactive theoretical and practical lectures on living donation and various operation techniques, including tips and tricks for live donor nephrectomy.

International Donor Surgery & Organ Perfusion Masterclass

This masterclass offers both theoretical knowledge and practice on organ procurement, perfusion and preservation. It is suited for surgeons focusing on abdominal organ procurement and transplantation, who are members of organ retrieval teams and wish to receive specialised training in the field and for certified procurement surgeons who wish to renew or expand their knowledge about modern methods of retrieval, perfusion and preservation.

SPLIT Liver Masterclass (ELITA)

This masterclass on the split liver provides participants with theoretical knowledge on anatomy, physiology, strategies and organisational aspects. The practical session offers hands-on training on human livers by world renowned specialists on a two-to-one basis. The SPLIT Liver Masterclass is suited for surgeons who already have practical experience with liver transplantation and who wish to acquire the knowledge and skills to perform split-liver transplantation safely.