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ECTORS Chair 2023-2025

Professor Sandra Lindstedt, is a senior consultant in cardiothoracic surgery specializing in heart and lung transplantation, with a long-standing interest in lung transplantation-related research, post-transplant complications and lung regeneration. Professor Lindstedt did her post-doc in Professor Steens laboratory in the early 2000s and was a part of the team who did the first clinical trial in the world using ex vivo lung perfusion on marginal donor lungs in 2005 at Lund University Hospital, Sweden.
Professor Lindstedt currently holds the position as the chair of the surgical lung transplant program at Lund University Hospital and the position as the vice-chair of the Scandiatransplant Heart and Lung Group (SHLG) and the position as the Chair of the European Cell Therapy and Organ Regeneration Section (ECTORS) board within The European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT).
Since 2020 Professor Lindstedt serves as a section editor for the Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation (JHLT). Professor Lindstedt is the principal investigator for a translational research group. The Lindstedt group has created ex vivo human models and in vivo and ex vivo porcine models of lung injuries and a pig lung transplantation survival model. The Lindstedt group are currently working to develop therapies within these models. Interested in pursuing this research, as well as other settings of lung regeneration following lung injury such as primary graft dysfunction, with the aim to treat damaged donor lungs and to increase the number of lungs suitable for transplantation but also to reduce complications after lung transplantation by increasing the tolerability of the new organ and bring this research towards clinical applications.