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ETAHP Chair 2023-2025

Marleen van Buren has more than 13 years experience as a nurse practitioner at the kidney transplant department at the Erasmus MC Transplant Institute. She completed her bachelor of nursing in 2004  at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam and the Erasmus MC. Her graduation project was ‘Nursing guidelines for the clinical follow-up after lung transplantation’, where after she continued working as a registered nurse at the Erasmus MC.  She continued training in intensive care nursing at the Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam. In 2008 she started the Master in Advanced Nursing Practice program at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam and the Kidney Transplant Department of the Erasmus MC; after graduation in 2010 she continued working in this department as a registered Nurse Practitioner. In 2022  she finished her PhD on pregnancy after kidney transplantation. For this project  she initiated the national data network (Pregnancy After Renal Transplantation OUTcomes) PARTOUT together with both transplant and obstetric professionals.

After finishing her PhD she started working as a project manager of transplant care at the Erasmus MC Transplant Institute where she plays a vital role in connecting the transplant programs. Current projects she is working on are: home-monitoring, value-based healthcare,  self-management, education, rehabilitation after transplantation and transition from academic to secondary/primary care.

She was a board member of the National Nurse Practitioner Society (V&VN VS) and chair of its congress committee. Since September 2023 she is chair of the European Transplant Allied Healthcare  Professionals (ETAHP) and board member of the Dutch Transplant Society where she is dedicated to empower (transplant) nurses and allied health professionals as vital members of the multidisciplinary transplant team.