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ECTORS Board Member 2021-2025

Marco Eijken is an associate professor at the Department of Renal Medicine at Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark. After he obtained his PhD at the Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands in 2007, he co-founded and worked for a university spin-off company in the field of bone research. In 2016, he started at Aarhus University Hospital where his current research involves normothermic machine perfusion of kidneys. Using kidney machine perfusion, he aims to develop methods that can assess kidney quality prior to transplantation using nanoparticle-based vitality sensors. Other studies focus on the development of ex-vivo treatment of kidneys using novel therapeutics that inhibit the activin-signaling pathway. In addition, Marco has a staff scientist position at the Center for Gene and Cellular Therapy at Aarhus University Hospital. There his work involves pre-clinical studies in mesenchymal stromal cell therapy and the production of clinical grade mesenchymal stromal cells.