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ELITA Treasurer 2018-2022

Luca S Belli is Head of the Department of Hepatology  and Gastroenterology at the Niguarda-Hospital in Milan.  After obtaining his medical degree in Milan, he specialised  in Nephrology and Hepatology.   He was deeply  involved in the development of  the LT program at the Niguarda-Hospital from its start.  Currently,  the LT team of Niguarda runs one of largest  programs in Italy,  with 120 transplant performed per year and  around 2000 transplants overall.  He has been involved in ESOT since September 2011, initially as ELITA board member and more recently as ELITA treasurer.  He co-organized two ELITA-monothematic conferences on the management of LT candidates and recipients with Hepatitis-C  and Hepatitis-B infection which generated Clinical Practice Guidelines.  He served AISF  from 2011 through 2015  as board member of the Permanent-Transplant-Commission.  Since 2014, he is responsible of the Educational program of  the Master in Medicine of  Liver Transplantation at the Bicocca University of Milan.