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Fiona Loud, Kidney Care UK, UK

Fiona Loud has been policy director of Kidney Care UK since 2013. Previously Director of the Kidney Alliance, she led and co-authored a kidney community review of kidney care, Kidney Health: Delivering Excellence. She is involved with numerous other groups, working to improve standards of care for kidney patients. She set up and chairs the UK Renal Registry patient council and has contributed as a lay representative to many of the kidney guidelines produced by NICE (the National Institute of Health and Social Care). She is lay chair of a local hospital organ donation committee and vice chair of her local kidney patient association at another local hospital. Fiona spent 5 years on dialysis after her kidneys failed, before receiving a transplant from her husband in late 2006. She has a genetic condition called tuberous sclerosis which alongside 2 episodes of kidney cancer led to her kidneys failing. She is a Fellow of the British Renal Society and was one of the Health Service Journal Top 50 patient leaders. She was profiled in the Lancet