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Eurofins Transplant Diagnostics provides the most comprehensive suite of non-invasive, biomarker-guided diagnostic assays to manage transplant patient care. Our tests deliver improved outcomes at each step of the patient’s journey to achieve allograft stability, function, and longevity. Apart from a comprehensive menu of infectious disease testing, Eurofins Transplant Diagnostics offers innovative tests as Viracor TRAC, a dd-cfDNA assay for evaluating rejection in dysfunctional transplants, and Transplant Genomics TruGraf, the only non-invasive gene expression test providing the earliest possible ruling-out of subclinical acute rejection in stable patients. Thanks to its global network of clinical laboratories, Eurofins can make available those new tests in many geographies.

Company representative & contact email: Carolina OLIVA GARCIA, carolinaolivagarcia@eurofins.com

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