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EPITA Board member 2017-2021

Claudia Bösmüller MD, born in Innsbruck /Austria, graduated at the Medical University of Innsbruck in 1982, completed the qualification as General Practitioner at the General Hospital and Children´s Hospital in Linz/Austria in 1986 and has been appointed at the Department of Visceral, Transplant and Thoracic Surgery Innsbruck directly thereafter. In 2014 she received the “Venia Docendi” (Habilitation). She is heavily involved in numerous clinical studies (phase II, III, IV) in her role as a principal investigator and a key person in several academic transplant projects at the transplant unit in Innsbruck. Claudia Bösmüller is running the kidney and pancreas transplant follow-up clinic and her dedication belongs to the long-term clinical immunological and clinical results after combined kidney pancreas transplantation focusing on minimization of the immunosuppressive therapy in particular. She is a well-respected member of national and international transplant societies and has been serving as an EPITA member since 2017.