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The ESOT professional development programme aims to provide transplant professionals at all career levels with the tools to succeed in their careers.
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Academia course

The Academia course provides participants with intensive training on some of the key skills necessary to succeed in research, publishing, and professional interactions. This course is recommended to all transplant professionals who wish to learn how to conduct rigorous research, get published, effectively present their work, and become culturally competent professionals. Topics include: how to conduct a systematic review; statistics; how to prepare and deliver an effective and engaging presentation; communication and unconscious bias. The course combines lectures, workshops, group work, and short presentations by participants. 

Support for participation in ESOT courses is available through the Grants programme.

the next course is on 6-8 April 2022
The ESOT Mentorship Programme

The ESOT Mentorship Programme aims to provide emerging transplant professionals with the opportunity for close interaction and expert guidance at a key stage of their career. Participants can apply to work with expert mentors on the basis of their specialty and areas of interest. 

The programme is conducted by the ESOT Education Committee in collaboration with the Young Professionals in Transplantation (YPT) Committee with the aim of empowering emerging transplant professionals and nurturing future leaders in transplantation.

Professional development workshops

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