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The Science and Ethics of Xenotranplantation – Endorsed by ESOT

Start Date:
Thursday, November 17th 2022
End Date:
Thursday, November 17th 2022
Description & Objectives:

This symposium will look back at the history of xenotransplantation, examine new and emerging genetic science in the field, and set out the ethical and regulatory approval process that governed recent clinical pig-to-human transplants in the USA. A series of informative lectures from high profile international speakers involved in recent landmark advances, will be followed by a moderated panel discussion entitled ‘Xenotransplantation in the UK: pigs might fly?‘ which will explore the possibility of implementing a clinical xenotransplantation programme in the UK.

Learning objectives

  • Update on history & science of xenotransplantation
  • Update on the science behind transgenic pigs used in recent pig-to-human transplants
  • Update on ethical & regulatory frameworks governing pig to human transplants

Registrations open until 16 November 2022.

Browse the programme and visit the King’s College London website for more information.