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Hot Topics in renal transplantation: Old and new challenges – Endorsed by ESOT

Primary Topics:
Kidney transplantation
Start Date:
Saturday, April 09th 2022
End Date:
Saturday, April 09th 2022
Genova, Italy
Description & Objectives:

This meeting traditionally brings together investigators and clinicians with foremost experience in kidney transplantation, to discuss topics related to kidney transplant care.

The interdisciplinarity of workers, the periodical nature of these meetings and the friendly relationships among the participants make them a unique opportunity to discuss freely and in an unformal context. Failure of a kidney transplant is still a major problem after kidney transplantation, in spite of recent immunosuppressive protocols and focus of clinical management addressing at prolonging long-term graft survival.

This focus edition of the Hot Topics in Renal Transplantation addresses the issue of the kidney transplant tolerance to Covid-19 infection.

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For info and registration please visit www.etagamma.it