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ESOT Mentorship Programme 2024

Primary Topics:
professional development, career, work-life balance
Start Date:
Sunday, September 17th 2023
End Date:
Monday, December 16th 2024
Description & Objectives:

The ESOT Mentorship Programme aims to provide transplant professionals with the opportunity for close interaction and expert guidance at a key stage of their career. Mentoring is a powerful personal development tool to develop one’s career, change direction if desired or necessary, and support work-life balance. 

The programme welcomes mentors and mentees from all disciplines and participants can apply to work with expert mentors selected on the basis of their specialty and areas of interest. 

The programme is conducted by the ESOT Education Committee in collaboration with the Young Professionals in Transplantation (YPT) Committee and participating ESOT Sections and Committees with the aim of empowering emerging transplant professionals and nurturing future leaders in transplantation.

ESOT is strongly committed to principles of equity, diversity and inclusion and strives to promote such values through its education programme. Members of traditionally underrepresented and marginalized groups are particularly encouraged to apply both as mentors and as mentees.

Target Group:

 Transplant professionals from all disciplines and countries.

Key programme information

  • Format: online
  • Duration: 12 months. Flexibility will be ensured on a case-by-case basis (including but not limited to maternity/paternity leave, unforeseen circumstances, medical conditions, etc.)
  • Periodic progress review: both mentors and mentees will be able to provide regular feedback on the effectiveness of the programme and will be requested to complete a final questionnaire to share their overall evaluation of the programme
  • Programme kick off
    • Introductory mentors’ workshop
    • Kick-off meeting: introduction of programme and participants
  • Individual mentor-mentee sessions (1 meeting/month)
  • Professional development workshops (all mentees): two professional development workshops will be held during the programme; workshop topics will be selected based on the needs and interests of the mentees.
  • Certificate of completion for mentors and mentees

Programme timeline soon available.

ESOT Education Team

Valentina Ricci
Head of Education & Governance 

Laura Contessi
Education Manager

Prospective mentees should: 

  • Be ESOT members (no geographical restrictions apply) in good standing and currently employed at a research or care institution
  • Have good knowledge and understanding of the English language
  • Be willing to engage in a structured, year-long programme
  • Be willing to attend most of the meetings and workshops

Prospective mentors should: 

  • Be ESOT members (no geographical restrictions apply) in good standing and currently employed at a research or care institution
  • Have good knowledge and understanding of the English language
  • Have extensive expertise and a proven track record in the transplantation field 
  • Have expertise in mentoring (i.e., supervising master students, PhD Fellows, new professional colleagues, etc.)
  • Be strongly motivated to nurture future leaders in transplantation
  • Be able to provide sound career advice 
  • Possess excellent communication skills 

ESOT Membership
Be(come) part of Europe’s largest network of dedicated transplant professionals whilst benefiting from reduced fees for all ESOT events and courses! If you are not yet a member, please join us today.

Mentees will have the opportunity to get expert guidance regarding their personal and/or professional development from an established leader in the field; to exchange best practices and ideas; to gain leadership skills; to expand their network and develop new synergies and collaborations. In addition, mentees will receive financial support to visit their mentor’s centres. 

Mentors will have the opportunity to share their experience and expertise, to support the development of and give something back to the field of transplantation, to expand their own network, and to further develop management and leadership skills.

How to register


To participate in the ESOT Mentorship Programme, both prospective mentors and prospective mentees are invited to submit an application. The Education Committee will review applications and select a maximum of 5 mentors and 5 mentees for the second edition of the programme, which will run in 2024.  

Prospective mentors should submit the following documents by 31 October 2023 to Valentina Ricci (valentina.ricci@esot.org):

  • A complete CV 
  • A letter outlining their expertise, their background, their motivation to participate in the programme, the ideas and approach they expect to implement in the mentorship programme, their educational goals with the mentees 

Prospective mentees should submit the following documents by 31 October 2023 to Valentina Ricci (valentina.ricci@esot.org):

  • A complete CV 
  • A letter detailing the applicant’s interest in and commitment to the full programme, specifying the mentee’s needs, the type of mentor they are looking for, and what they are hoping to gain from the mentorship programme

Applications will be reviewed by the ESOT Education Committee. Selected applicants will be presented with several potential mentors and will be able to choose their mentor based on their specialisation and preference.  

A mentor or mentee can inform the Committee if, after their first meeting, either feels that the interaction is unlikely to work, and they will be assigned an alternative. 

We ask applicants to agree at the outset that they will complete feedback during and at the end of the year so that ESOT can gauge the programme’s success and make any necessary adjustments. This will be required to maintain the programme benefits and to receive their final certificate.