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Crossing the bridge: tailoring antiviral prophylaxis by linking it to CMV-specific immunity

Start Date:
Monday, September 07th 2020 at 18:00
End Date:
Monday, September 07th 2020 at 19:00
Description & Objectives:

By attending this webinar, participants will learn, why CMV-specific immunity is so important for the long term outcome of patients, and how one can support the patient’s immune system to build such CMV-specific immunity.

Target Group:

Healthcare professionals involved with transplantation, particularly those who are involved in heart and/or lung transplantation

Chaired by: Fausto Baldanti, Pavia, Italy; Martina Sester, Hamburg, Germany

CMV-specific immunity monitoring: how, when and why? (Lionel Couzi, Bordeaux, France)

All patients are different and some of them are experiencing problems regarding their CMV despite prophylaxis

  • What are the available ways to evaluate CMV immunity?
  • At which time point could it be interesting to look at it?
  • Why should we take into account CMV-specific immunity?

Designing tailored CMV-specific immunity? (Javier Carbone, Madrid, Spain)

  • Antiviral prophylaxis switch of the virus
  • Patients need to come in contact with CMV – the immune system needs to learn how to deal with CMV
  • How can this be achieved?
    • mTor inhibitors / everolimus
    • CMVIG
      • leaving the patients less unprotected ? binding + neutralizing free virus
      • supporting the patient’s immune system to mount a lasting response (cross-presentation, T cell responses, B cell responses)
  • Improved clinical CMV management protocols

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