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Community Engagement​

ESOT is a thriving community of clinicians, academics, allied healthcare professionals and patient organisations dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in organ transplantation.

ESOT co-ordinates a number of initiatives to communicate and engage with this dynamic community and invites partners to support these activities.

For more information on the opportunities that are available, please visit our Community engagement partnership page or contact:

Devi Mey
Chief Executive Officer
+39 393 164 58 05

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Patient Initiatives​

ESOT works with transplant patient organisations throughout Europe to foster cooperation and dialogue between patients and healthcare professionals, to ensure patient representation and participation in ESOT activities, and to promote health and quality of life among the transplant population.

Our activities aim to achieve these goals and we welcome the contribution and participation of all transplant professionals, patient organisation representatives, and individual patients and caregivers.

To discuss ESOT patient initiatives in more detail, please contact:

Devi Mey
Chief Executive Officer​
+39 393 164 58 05

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ESOT ETPO One Year Corporate Membership

ESOT is driving change within the field of transplantation across Europe and at the heart of this agenda is the inclusion of patients.

ESOT invites its industry partners to become corporate member partners and work in collaboration to help further our ‘change agenda’, encourage greater sharing of best practice, address disparities in organ transplantation and improve patient experience and outcomes.

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