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Job Alert: Study engineer in human immunology and immune response analysis techniques

July 12, 2022 | General | Job offer

The HORUS project (Horizon Europe funding – health cluster, destination “Tackling diseases”) aims to improve our understanding of the “host-virus” relationship between cytomegalovirus (CMV) and solid organ transplant recipients to discover signatures integrating viral, clinical and immunological characteristics associated with CMV control. The ultimate goal is to decrease the incidence of CMV, better manage difficult-to-treat infections, avoid the use of unnecessary antiviral therapies, and discover new molecules that can specifically target the CMV immune response without increasing the risk of acute rejection. This project will address three unresolved questions:

  1. How to identify host-virus interactions that impact on the incidence of CMV infection after solid organ transplantation?
  2. How to identify the host-virus interaction associated with effective control of CMV infection?
  3. How to improve the prevention and management of CMV infection using immunomodulatory regimens that enhance the immune response to CMV?

The 5-year project has 16 partners from 7 European countries: France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.  The consortium includes academics, companies, hospitals and technology transfer centres.

Contact person for any information: Hannah Kaminskihannah.kaminski@u-bordeaux.fr or hkaminski@immuconcept.org

Job title: Study engineer in human immunology and immune response analysis techniques

BAP: Life Science

Job type: Biology engineer

Vacancy date: 01/11/2022 (5-year fixed-term contract)

Quota of working time: 100%.

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