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The ESOT Grants Programme aims to promote the education and career development of European transplant professionals. By visiting European transplant centres and participating in ESOT education programmes, participants are provided with state-of-the-art opportunities for scientific exchange and collaboration.ย 

ESOT is pleased to launch the new Global Grants initiative in 2021 to support the education and career development of its international members.ย 

All grant recipients are required to beย ESOT membersย in good standing with up-to-date fee payments.

ESOT Educational Scholarship

The ESOT Educational Scholarships provide a fantastic platform for young transplant professionals. Twenty scholarships are available, allowing recipients to attend ESOT courses and events.ย 

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Sevda Hassan Study Scholarship

The Sevda Hassan Study Scholarship allows recipients to travel and acquire new knowledge and skills, which can be used for their career progression and to enhance their overall work and the progress of their institution. The duration of the programme is between two months and one year.ย 

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ESOT Transplant Fellowship

There are two ESOT Transplant Fellowships available: a Basic Science Fellowship and a Clinical Fellowship. These allow two young professionals to acquire knowledge and skills by working in a European institution for a full year.ย 

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ESOT Global Grants โ€“ NEW!

ESOT are pleased to launch a new initiative to support the education and career development of its international community. ESOT Global Grants are for international members wishing to attend an ESOT course/masterclass or visit a European Centre to gain specific knowledge and skills important for their career progression.ย 

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